Make a new plan, Stan.

I am grateful that my counselor emails me with kindness onscreen.

I am grateful for a co-worker whose response to a crisis was to sing the Doxology and share that with me, because she knew I would “get it.”

I am grateful for another co-worker who gave me a very sweet compliment about oatmeal cookies that I made. I am not skilled at making oatmeal cookies, so it meant that much more for her to tell me they were the best she’s ever had and then added, “They are from the devil.” Because I heard her say it and watched her face as she ate, I will accept that as a compliment.

I am grateful for a surprise visit today here in the office from my Dad and a favorite pastor from my childhood, Keith Ellis. What a treat! I am fairly certain I have not seen him in over 35 years.

I am grateful for loving and helpful advice from Michelle.

Get on the bus, Gus.

I am grateful to have witnessed Louene and Norma reaching out to Dottie last night and helping her play Bingo. Dottie doesn’t understand our versions of the game and gets so confused when a straight line doesn’t win. Louene and Norma were so patient and sweet to constantly explain the game to her without getting grumpy.

I am grateful for a quiet evening last night, Royals game turned off since it was no fun to watch them lose, in order to read multiple chapters of my book and then get the ironing all done.

I am grateful for wide parking spaces.

I am grateful for one hotdog warmed in the microwave for my lunch.

I am grateful for catchy tunes that are pleasant.

Don’t need to be coy, Roy.

I am grateful for another co-worker who left me an email in my inbox this morning that gave me a huge boost of confidence and entrusted me with more responsibility for the next week.

I am grateful for shiny gold dollars and crisp money that smells new.

I am grateful that I am not on my feet all day at work.

I am grateful for really good coupons and stores that take them even after they expire.

And I am grateful for daily pictures from Tymber while the family is on their vacation.

Drop off the key, Lee, and set yourse-e-elf, free.


One thought on “Make a new plan, Stan.

  1. I love that song!
    We have many more pictures to share with you. I have to get them downloaded on my computer first. 🙂

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