63 degrees at 6:00 pm on the 1st of June makes me grateful.

I am grateful:

  • for lavender in color and in smell.
  • for the privilege of walking out the door and not having to dwell on work until the next morning.
  • for shoes not muddy.
  • for a nap in the middle of the day.
  • for my daughter who calls me.
  • for my daughter who does not.
  • for a home that smells halfway decent.
  • that our basement does not smell musty awful like what I experienced a couple of hours ago.
  • for chipmunks.
  • for a really fun message at church yesterday with a message about coming home, going home, and cheering others on while they “run the bases.”
  • for hymns that flood my memory with sweet thoughts.
  • that I don’t have to sing or play “Be Glorified” or “I Love You, Lord” anymore. Love the message, cannot STAND the choruses.
  • for the sound of a very quiet home…until I become sad about missing the world of six little lives.
  • for my new favorite chocolate cake recipe. I am so proud of myself for finding one that is from scratch and worth sharing with others.
  • for chair pads that protect the floor.
  • for oatmeal from McDonalds.
  • for fresh breath.
  • for Listerine and its hidden secret – it repels mosquitoes! No, you don’t have to breathe like a dragon. You just put it in a spray bottle and mist the patio before you enjoy the evening/party/morning/cookout/picnic.


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