Crown her with many crowns.

I am grateful for silly things that bring back happy memories, like the purple cow bobblehead that was in the back window of the car.

I am grateful for the smell of rain.

I am grateful for a good roof in a storm.

I am grateful for the beautiful of sunbeams making their way through the trees in the early morning.

I am grateful that our little baby bluejay visitor returned the other night and allowed us to witness his flying lesson as he attempted to go from the deck step to the grill nearby, under the watchful eye of his protective parent.

I am grateful for memories of Cheney Lake weekends.

I am grateful for friends who invite us to stop by on a whim for cake.

I am grateful for this favorite memory of Violet Emery’s children’s church. I LOVED when she told Winkie the bear stories on the flannelgraph board.

I am grateful for a midday surprise and time spent with Delores and Dad during lunch.

I am grateful that I even HAVE a shower to clean.

I am grateful that my sister called me laughing, even if it was to point out that I probably made everyone “picture Rhonda” naked in the shower.

I am grateful for memories of maxi skirts made from squares of stretchy polyester. There wasn’t just one skirt, either. We BOTH had to wear them. Angela, we survived.

I am grateful for red roses just beginning to open, from my husband, just because. Just because he loves me.

I am grateful for my wonderful dentist and his staff.

I am grateful for memories of summer weiny/weeny/weinie roasts in the alley behind Wichita street.

And I am grateful for emails from our summer pastors!


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