A reminder to B+.

Today, I met Ashley the phlebotomist. I didn’t like her. Not because she stuck my finger and made me scream silently inside. Not because she stuck me with an enormous needle and removed lots of blood. I didn’t like her because,  1) she was young and kind of treated me like I was old, 2) she was young and not very friendly, okay not friendly at all, 3) she was young and was either on crack or just operates her daily work life going 423 MPH.

And, I decided not to have conversation with this young rude phlebotomist, because she didn’t have time for conversation and I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of a kind word.

And then, she put me on the table, tightened the band around my arm, and before I could blink twice, the needle was in, she was off to find blood tubes and labels, and I sat there, humbled, and in awe.

This girl was no joke. She wasn’t your typical young person. There was no laziness. There was no sloppiness. There was no playing around with co-workers. There were NO MISTAKES. Only complete efficiency and professionalism, from start to finish.

I lightened up and swallowed my middle age pride. As I slid off the table, I told Ashley the phlebotomist and every one of her co-workers nearby that if I could, I would request her and follow her to every American Red Cross location when it was time to donate in three months.

I love that I am B+ but I sure started out my donation as B-. So, I am grateful for my blood type. I am grateful for Ashley the phlebotomist supergirl who surprised me and restored a little hope for the next generation of young adults.

Speaking of hope for the next generation of young adults, I received my first text message this afternoon from my CASA girl, asking to use me as a reference on a job application. Made. My. Day. I love my girl.

And lastly, I am grateful for the Jim Gaffigan Food book that Katrina and Zak sent to me. I was on that Red Cross table in a hotel ballroom full of strangers today, thoroughly enjoying the words that had me giggling out loud while Ashley the phlebotomist supergirl zapped me of my B+ blood.


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