Lady – a woman of refinement and gentle manners.

Delores 1

Today is Delores’ birthday.

I was up at about 4 am just thinking about memories I have of this lady, my other Mom in this life:

  • Mom’s best friend
  • My first babysitter, at least that I can remember
  • The best board games were at the top of the stairs
  • Sheets and towels drying on the clothesline just outside the door, and she didn’t mind if I wrapped myself in them
  • I don’t believe she has ever in her life raised her voice in anger
  • Working at The Medical Center
  • Ginger, the wiener dog
  • Penny, the cocker spaniel
  • I don’t think her hair has ever been out of place
  • She always had the best junk on her Christmas tree
  • Harold
  • She let me eat what I wanted
  • Miniatures and shadow boxes
  • Nativity sets for Mom at Christmas
  • Many evenings spent on the patio, just visiting
  • Taco Johns dates with Mom
  • Her hugs
  • Riding my yellow bike with the flowered banana seat to her house just down the street
  • Her cards
  • She always gave Mom the best birthday and Christmas presents
  • Knowing I am loved by her no matter what

Oh, there are so many more memories. I love Delores. She is the definition of a lady and a role model in my life. Someday, I hope to be just like her.

So, today, I am grateful for Delores and for her friendship to my Mom and my Dad, and me. I am grateful for her cards she sends, her silliness and ability to tease, her care and concern for our family, her dedication and example to her own family. I am grateful for her witness and example of trusting in God no matter the situation. She deserves nothing but the best this life has to offer.

Happy Birthday, sweet friend.


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