Life is a symphony.

I am grateful for the colors of my world. By that, I mean the diversity of friendships, the mixed experiences I am privileged to take part in, the sights and sounds and smells of a new life, the richness of personalities that make every day so interesting.

I am sitting in the pickup tonight as I accompany Sam on an emergency call, and the quiet of the night is a concert, a symphony playing softly through the speakers. While a violin cries, it is comforted by its cousins who play along and grieve in lower tones. And then, a piano dances and playfully giggles as her friends laugh and pull her back into their circle, but she darts away and is able to click her heels one last time before…silence.

I love how each instrument is so different, but so important in the piece of music. Just like this life. As we stood in line at the warehouse store earlier tonight, I commented how interesting people really are. In the several lanes of checkout, there were nationalities, there were generations, there were varieties of social and economic classes. Some were friendly while others apparently had a rough day or a rough life and could no longer wear a smile or treat others with kindness.

I just read the above and am thinking, “How ridiculous and cheesy.” It’s 11:30 at night. That’s my excuse.

Okay. So gratefuls for today…

I am grateful for:

  • lots of work at work, although it has caused me to become sporadic in my counting of every last thing.
  • the privilege to witness history.
  • being asked to be on call, even if I am the backup plan.
  • fun with my CASA girl and her sisters.
  • a day off.
  • reassurance finally, that my sister and family were okay and Natia was home, too.
  • red, white, and blue.
  • symphony music that makes me happy and sad and scared and anxious. Dances with Wolves and Schindler’s List soundtracks are THE BEST and so emotion draining.
  • our new friend, Hong.
  • my high school Bible teacher, Mr. Yount.
  • the magic of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.
  • a finished soapy puzzle!



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