Do your ears hang low?

I am grateful for the sound of:

  • rain pattering on the umbrella as I walked into work this morning.
  • giggling.
  • tearing open a potato chip bag.
  • Natia’s happy howl that says “Come ONNNNN! Let’s GOOOOOO!”
  • Parker and Reilly’s voices.
  • a bird outside the window, singing in the rain.
  • squishy/crinkly diaper.
  • soft piano.
  • three part harmony.
  • the state fair.
  • Katrina’s laugh.

  • Winnie the Pooh when he talks, thanks to Sterling Holloway and Jim Cummings.
  • Melissa’s Texas accent.
  • Sam sleeping.
  • bacon frying.
  • ocean waves.
  • a lawnmower working on a lazy Saturday morning.
  • a really good rendition of The National Anthem.
  • my Mom’s voice that, sadly, is becoming faint in my memory.
  • the crackle of a fire on the patio.
  • the roar of a Royals crowd after a win.
  • Avis saying, “Well doesn’t that just bust yer buttons.”
  • clean sheets snapped, I think that’s what you call that action, just before the bed is made.
  • just about anything Resurrection Singers sing.
  • a master trumpeter playing “Taps.”
  • gravel crunch.

So, I am grateful my ears still work.


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