I’ve got joy down in my heart. Deep deep down in my heart.

So, is it hee hee, hehe, haha, ha, lol, rotfl, woot, yay, yeah, or yeh? If you want to type out your happy talk, how is it s’posed to go?

I seriously do not like when someone types “woot.” What, in Heaven’s name. No one SAYS woot, so why would you type woot? Now, ya-hoo, I get. Yippee, I get. Those are definitely words named in Heaven.

And, on top of that, who is Pete and George?

For the sake of Pete or Heaven or land or pity or mercy, someone please simplify things. I have wondered about these phrases for such a long time. Mom used to say, “For pity’s sakes.” Huh? What in the world does that even mean.

And why would George have anything to do with getting it? “By George, I think he’s got it.” Huh? I must be slow, or I don’t have a George to help me get it.

I am grateful for that devotion this morning to set me on the right track.

I am grateful for people who type out Hi instead of Hey. Ya-hoo instead of woot.

Mercy sakes alive, I love to be happy.

One more thing. This beautiful lady made me laugh today. I am grateful for her:


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