No one can eat just one.

I am grateful for crisp. Crisp crackers. Crisp potato chips. Crisp tacos. Crisp cereal. Crisp paper money. Okay. Now that word seems funny. Crisp.

I am grateful for people who wear their emotions so that I know pretty much exactly how they are without them having to fake a “fine.”

I am grateful for tap water that tastes good.

I am grateful for a happy daughter who calls me.

I’ll have just one potato chip…said no one ever.

I am grateful for the feel of soft petals on a delicate flower.

I am grateful for a text message from Kristi, our Minnesota pastor who is coming to Overland Park next week!

I am grateful for naps.

I am grateful today for the reminder of a certain wisdom that Sam sometimes shares. Before sharing a story, a complaint, an opinion, he offers, “For what benefit is it to share with others? What good can come out of it?” If there is no benefit, it should probably stay within.

And I am grateful for the reminder this morning in my church devotions that “you become like the five people you spend the most time with.”


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