I am the older brother.

I am grateful for loud cracks of thunder in the early morning.

I am grateful for memories of my apartment.

I am grateful that I rarely feel hunger pains.

I am grateful for Windex.

I am grateful that my Dad is home.

I am grateful for another wonderful message yesterday about the prodigal son, with many angles I had not considered.

I am grateful for conviction. I have been the prodigal son.  I strive to be the father, but I am the older brother these days…

I am grateful for moments with nothing to do.

I am grateful for ripe bananas that end up being frozen bananas so that I can make bread.

I am grateful for a kitchen window.

I am grateful that I need very little and am okay with that.

I am grateful for time spent with my CASA girl. I needed a girl who would accept my love and care and allow me to spend time without strings attached or stipulations, so I am also grateful that she is a bandage and heart medicine.

I am grateful for dinner plate hibiscus flowers at Donna’s house and a monster orchid that greeted me when I walked into work today.

I am grateful for the pangs of grief that overwhelm me at times, reminders of days past.

I am grateful for my grandchildren.

And I am grateful for enough socks to wear two on each foot.


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