Music to my ears = a trio, crying in the back of the van at goodbye.


I am grateful for hearing: Ama! Ama! Look at this!  Ama! Ama! Ama! Come here, Ama!

I am grateful for five little ones who let me peek into their world for the past four days.

I am grateful for my little superhero who loved my chicken and noodles at lunchtime today.

I am grateful for my daughter, the only person I know who is capable of raising five little superheroes.

I am grateful for sore muscles and exhaustion from scrubbing floors and vacuuming carpets and chasing escape artists and doing loads of laundry and washing dishes and making meals and reading books and responding to a thousand “Ama, look at this!” ‘s.

I am grateful for a sticky arm from a little goofnut who was covered in ice cream this afternoon.

I am grateful that my daughter and the original sickster are feeling better today.

I am grateful for a Princess Tiana tattoo on my tummy, just like the four amigos.

And I am grateful that in one short plane ride, I will be home, but I will be grateful for the tears that will flow while I miss the music to my ears.



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