Nothing as sweet as the smell of a rendering truck.

image I had this dream in the night. It was so real, I could smell the sweetness. In it, I was in the car following a rendering truck and soaking in the aroma that it left in its wake.

Funny how you dream craziness when you sleep craziness.

We left the beauty of western Kansas and tried to catch up to a glorious eastern Colorado thunderstorm, both of us perfectly happy and delirious in our adventure, opting to continue driving into the evening rather than stop in a tiny Colorado town and it’s no-tell motel. However, we had neglected to charge this tablet yesterday before we left on the trip, and therefore, we were down to single digit battery life, so we turned it off and decided to just check in to a hotel willy nilly when we arrived in the Springs shortly before midnight.

Not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier…but we sure were having a good time on the adventure.

“We’re sorry. All sold out tonight.”

“So sorry. No vacancies this evening.”

And then… “There isn’t a room available in the Springs area. Or Manitou. Or Pueblo. Or Woodland Park…” image So, this morning, I am grateful for cheap pillows and $2 blankets from WalMart.

I am grateful for a clean and single restroom at the Loaf & Jug convenience store where I could wash my face and brush my teeth in private.

I am grateful for a relatively empty parking lot to park the car and sleep for a few hours.

I am grateful for seats that recline.

I am grateful for the laughter Sam and I have had over this unplanned and slightly inconvenient adventure.

I am grateful for happy waitresses at The Hungry Bear who made us smile in our foggy car-slept haze.

I am grateful for a family who walked in to the same restaurant wearing their Royals t-shirts and told us about yesterday’s game.

I am grateful for a sunroof this morning to enjoy the mountain air as we make our way up the Pass.

And I am grateful that we will have a bed tonight. image


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