Blessings, tears, and the yellow brick road.


I am grateful today:

  1. for a beautiful cool day yesterday to enjoy a walk around Lake Dillon.


  1. for a sweet little cafe to enjoy breakfast on the patio with a cool breeze, a warm sun, and a husband who is relaxed.
  2. for the simple pleasure of watching a fisherman catch a trout in the rushing creek.
  3. for conversation with a young sales girl who aspires to become a snowboarding pro.
  4. for an unplanned vacation that makes every day a new adventure.
  5. for another experience, this time finding the hotel in downtown Denver, only to discover that parking would cost $34 and arriving just in time for the hotel to be evacuated for an emergency.
  6. for more firsts, eating on a patio on 16th street, watching as a young man fell into the street from sitting on the curb, completely wasted and clad only in a pair of shorts and socks; watching from a distance as another young man offered his hand to help him up and back onto the curb, staying with him and calling for an ambulance.
  7. for the blessing this morning of an unexpected parking fee of $54, only to be waived by a kind parking lot supervisor.
  8. for GPS on this tablet that helped navigate our way to and from the chaos of downtown Denver streets.
  9. for the most pleasant McDonalds in Castle Rock, credit being given to the local owner/operator family who insists on friendly and well-dressed staff and offering the best fast food experience possible.
  10. for the beauty of eastern Colorado valleys in a quiet car ride.
  11. for the thrill of seeing a random air show rehearsal as we drove by on I-70.


  1. for this book that brings me to tears and makes it very difficult to read out loud.
  2. for clean restrooms along the yellow brick road.
  3. for anticipation of Sunday’s message and being back home and in my own church.

One thought on “Blessings, tears, and the yellow brick road.

  1. I don’t even remember how much it cost David and I to park when we stayed in downtown Denver. What I DO remember was the frantic chaos as we had to park in the alley, grab everything from our car and then watch the valet parker take off with our car to an unknown parking lot. We hated it.
    But hey!… least we didn’t have to evacuate the building!!!

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