McDonalds is not a ladies ready-to-wear shop.


I am grateful for a nap on a road trip.

I am grateful for a good driver who allows me to relax and not tense up.

I am grateful for an Icy Hot patch on a shoulder.

I am grateful for 95-year-old Max, who says the funniest things on this trip. He is losing his eyesight, and apparently he thought we were going to buy some lady clothes when we stopped for a bathroom break. “Are we at a ladies ready to wear?”


I am grateful for a friendly couple who liked to visit as we took a break at McDonalds.

I am grateful for anticipation of a full night’s sleep.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have a relaxing weekend in Colorado.

I am grateful for my Private Quarters plush pillow case.

I am grateful for potato chips.

I am grateful for a precious moment of hearing Max sing “America the Beautiful.”

I am grateful that Sam is not sarcastic in his speech.

I am grateful for Anjalie’s giggle.

And I am grateful when a windshield is “Delmar clean.”



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