I was listening to the radio yesterday morning and discovered that the Oxford Dictionary brilliants have added some words to the official anthology. Awesomesauce being one of them. Huh.  In addition, they put their craniums together and determined that BUTT DIAL and MANSPREADING should also be included.

This is not right. I feel ancient Chinese secret old.

I’m still smiling on the inside when my sister-in-law uses the word “vivid” in regular everyday conversation. It’s the simple things in life, people.

Words are funny sometimes. But even funnier is hearing certain people say certain words. You know, when someone unknowingly mispronounces tortilla, (correctly spoken TOR TEE YA) and says tor-till-ya. Or don’t even get me started on nuclear (correctly spoken NEW CLEE ER) when an unnamed family member says new-kya-ler. And the topper for today is accompanist, (correctly spoken UH-COME-PAN-IST) but silly spoken uh-cump-nee-ist. Seriously? Oh. And one more. Chiropractor. KYE-RO-PRAC-TER. Not quire-pack-ter.

I am grateful for these moments that make me smile.

I am grateful for the English language that cracks me up.

I am grateful for an hour last night to sit at a kitchen table with four awesomesauce kids and talk about school and music and issues and Adam Levine.

I am grateful for an evening spent with Sam’s daughter, making cupcakes and having nice conversation.

I am grateful for 30 minutes of phone call with Katrina, hearing details of life in Oregon.

I am grateful for thunder.

I am grateful for a little bowl to microwave my egg every morning at work.

I am grateful for goldfish crackers and especially the bonus one that has extra saltiness.

And I am grateful for Friday and a weekend to go see Michelle and work on a house for sale.


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