Hey is for horses.

Yes, I spelled HEY, not HAY.

Do you have any idea how many ADULTS have permanently substituted the word “hey” for the word “hi”  or “hello?!” Oh my word just turn on the morning news shows and start counting.

Pet. Peeve.

And you know what’s worse?! When you catch yourself saying your pet peeve.

But, instead of focusing on what irritates, I should, I WILL, focus on what inspires.

I am grateful for moments of silence.

I am grateful that I can walk.

I am grateful for families who choose to foster and adopt.

I am grateful for a few minutes longer to sleep.

I am grateful for God’s blessings of healthy grandchildren.

I am grateful for time spent on the patio eating ice cream and listening to the symphony of cicadas.

I am grateful for dinners with friends.

I am grateful for forgiveness.

I am grateful for ah-HA thoughts:

Compassion means to lay a bridge over to the other without knowing whether he wants to be reached. – Henri J.M. Nouwen

I am grateful for opportunities to serve others.

I am grateful for my brothers and I’m privileged to be their sister.

I am grateful for the sweetest pictures sent to me in text messages:

FB_IMG_14410498542641 FB_IMG_14410498506951

I am grateful for a monster cinnamon roll from Carriage Crossing and a good friend who made it and gave it to me.

I am grateful for freshly mown grass. Is mown a word? Mowed. That’s it.

I am grateful for my Dad’s stories.

I am grateful for a good book.

I am grateful for the smell of fresh coffee before brew.

I am grateful for family traditions.

I am grateful for clean windows and vehicles.

And I am grateful for the smell of the alfalfa at the elevator in Haven as we drove home from church.


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