Just keep swimming. – Dory

I am grateful for bad starts to great days. The day can only get better, right?

I am grateful for a kind shoulder rub after a sleepless night.

I am grateful for a few minutes extra to run an errand, so that while I am waiting and waiting and waiting for the clerk to finish her phone call, the few extra minutes allowed me to not be late to work.

I am grateful that forgetting my cell phone does not completely destroy my day.

I am grateful for little things, like a container of grapes purchased by Dad.

Like an adorable picture of my granddaughters taking a nap together after a hard day of kindergarten and Momsitting.


Like a stepdaughter who likes nursing and wound care so that I can step back and just say “ewwww.”

Like trash service.

Like finding the one pair of navy socks that have been lost for weeks.

Like hair that cooperates on a bad start day.

Like Ginger’s “Grace loved to tell the story of unseen things above…” song, playing on my internal jukebox this morning.

Like convenient Ziploc bags.

Like messaging with Nanette and Luke, and a beautiful text message from Erin that can be saved, and knowing other former students still want to connect with their music teacher.

Like a random encounter with sweetest friend Marcia in the aisle of Dollar General.

Like an article in a Co-Op magazine that Sam saved for me that was all about Macey.


Like total domination by my favorite baseball team, at least on a first Wednesday of September, and the fun it was to watch the new guys do so well.

Like banana bread and mac & cheese.

Like a dvr so that I can watch America’s Got Talent whenever.

And I am grateful that when the night is rough and the day begins less than perfect, God gives these gifts that just shout, “I love you!”  Like the song He planted on the radio as I drove to work:


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