The pessimist keeps blowing out the light so he can see how dark it is.

I am grateful for the privilege of watching my brother work so hard on the tiling and grouting, and not once did he complain. His positive attitude is so refreshing.

I am grateful for the privilege of watching my Dad clean a huge house of carpeting and assist with the tile job and the painting and the clean-up in the garage and the reinstallation of the wall plates and floor registers and not once did he complain. He taught my brother well…

I am grateful for Melissa’s message last night on Facebook. She is a beautiful follower of Jesus, and she shared my thoughts exactly. I just didn’t know how to express them so eloquently:  

Feeling like I may be accidentally associated with [the Kentucky county clerk] makes me embarrassed. I just don’t understand why people can’t step back and realize that they don’t REALLY support what she’s doing. If a Muslim clerk refused to give me my drivers license at the DMV because he doesn’t believe women should drive, these same people would not cheer him on for denying me service based on his religion. They would call for him to be put in jail. Or fired. 

If Jesus was a clerk, He would issue the license with such a love that it would draw that couple to want to know Him more. OR, He would get another job, grateful that He lives in a country that gives Him the opportunity to do so, trusting that God is faithful enough to provide Him one.

I am grateful for Geri’s email that made my morning.

I am grateful for a phone call with Ann to catch up on life.

I am grateful for an email from Lisa, so close but so far away.

I am grateful for friends who stay in touch.

I am grateful that I am not in charge of the world and all of its problems.

I am grateful for a tiny Muslim woman named Sally who checks receipts at Sam’s Club. She is a beautiful soul, and I always love seeing her and visiting with her.

I am grateful for the people in my life who are like candles in the darkness.

I am grateful for a new opportunity to be the accompanist for one of the choirs at church again!

And I am grateful for fresh green beans and green grapes. Just not together. But both are in my refrigerator and they aren’t even withered or bendy or brown and wrinkled. Yay me. Yay Dad and Sam.


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