Just tink about it.

I watched the debate last night. Well, the last part of it, since life gets in the way. What I saw was a little of the example above. I saw a few of the candidates at their best, and it was refreshing.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have a whole host of choices this season.

I am grateful for the opportunity to show my best side when it would be so easy to show ugly.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have a conversation with my daughter who struggles and wants to be a shining example but was vulnerable enough to share her weakness with her Mom on the phone.

I am grateful for the opportunity to hear about my only grandson showing maturity and signs of “getting it.”

I am grateful for the opportunity to watch my niece pitch again.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to take care of Natia again for a few days.

I am grateful that my sister has the opportunity this week to make a difference in the lives of young women and children living in detention centers in South Texas, just wanting a better life, a safe life, a life of opportunity and not despair.

I am grateful for Pink Lady apples.

I am grateful for opportunity and anticipation of another weekend with a little fun at a K-State game. I am grateful for a bank who gives a company two free tickets, too. More fun, less work. That’s a great weekend motto.

I am grateful for oversized carts in grocery stores.

I am grateful for two little girls sitting side by side in one of those carts, reminding me of Annistan and Anjalie, or Parker and Reilly, or Anissa and Annistan.

I am grateful for the opportunity to begin planning a family Thanksgiving like it used to be, grateful that our home will be filled with little ones and family members and board games and laughter and Chex Mix and the smell of turkey and fingerprints all over windows and glass tables to be cherished long after they are all gone.

I am grateful for little girls in tutus.

And I am grateful for memories of Robin Williams in “Hook.” What a great movie…


tinkerbell 2


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