There is mercy still…

…for me.

This was the message of a song performed by the choir at church yesterday. I needed to hear it. I mess up daily. I fail over and over. Yesterday’s message was one I needed to hear. I am grateful that God seems to have me on His mind when He is telling our pastor what the message should be all about. I didn’t think I was that important, that God should specifically mention my name to the pastor and tell him, “Rhonda needs to hear this.” I am grateful that as far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed my trangressions from me…

I am grateful for common courtesy, or more often these days, UNcommon courtesy, for which I have witnessed recently, or in the case of a few of them, WISH I had witnessed recently:

  • Inquiring and listening, rather than dominating the conversation. Asking “How are YOU doing?” and not letting “Fine” be the sole answer.
  • Picking up doggy doodoo from a neighbor’s yard.
  • Offering to help around the house instead of waiting to be asked.
  • Volunteering at church because too few do it all and too many let them.
  • Acknowledging the hard work of others.
  • Sheets washed by a houseguest. (Thank you, Angela.)
  • Allowing a person with just a handful of items to go ahead of you in line at the store.
  • Young man retrieving grocery carts, helping an elderly lady get into her car.
  • Speaking to a general manager or supervisor about something an employee did that was GOOD.
  • Writing a thank you card in addition to a text or a verbal.
  • Helping with clean-up at a tailgate.
  • Folding another’s towels left in the dryer.
  • High-fiving fellow fans unknown after a win.
  • Stopping to hold a door open and allowing a person to pass through ahead of you, rather than swinging it wide for the person behind you, or worse, ignoring them altogether.
  • A man who walks streetside beside a woman.
  • Clipping toenails/fingernails, blowing a nose, using a toothpick to remove food from teeth, AWAY from others and in the privacy of a bathroom.
  • Rinsing a dish and putting it in the dishwasher instead of leaving it for the woman to take care of.
  • Asking what another would like to watch on TV rather than just taking control of the remote and space.

I am grateful for conversation with Delores – I LOVE my second Mom.

I am grateful for my new book, “For the Love,” by Jen Hatmaker. Oh my. This particular chapter is her take on those of us who struggle to know what our “calling” is in this life. Listen to THIS:

To Mama at home with a bunch of littles, [pay attention, Karissa!] you can live a life worthy right now. Your calling is today. God makes you worthy as you desire goodness for your children, meeting needs and nurturing little souls. No future calling is any more important than your current station. Every good, meaningful possibility is yours today. You have access to the kingdom now: the love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. That is every Christian’s calling, and the gospel is perfectly demonstrated through the daily labor of parenting.

Hard worker, punching the clock and paying the bills, you can live a life worthy this day. Your career may not be “Christian-sanctioned” labor, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t walking in your calling. The manner in which you speak to your coworkers, the way you work diligently, your dignity as a laborer worth her wages – this is a worthy life. Every goodness God asked us to display is available to you today. Through ordinary work, people can be set free, valued, and changed, including yourself. God’s kingdom will not come in any more power elsewhere than it will come in your life today…

…Maybe we can exit the self-imposed pressure cooker of “calling” and instead just consider our “gifts.” The former feels like a job description, but the latter is just how God wired us. Certainly we are gifted for specific faith work, but gifts can be ordinary stuff in the middle of real life. Your prayer gift? You can use it on random Thursdays, on the phone with a friend, in the quiet of early morning hours. Your gift of teaching? It may look like a class or career, but it could very well be over lunch, through an email, or in your own home. Your special capacity for encouragement? Sister, that gift is needed everywhere, every day, for every person.

This is your calling…

I wish I had the ability and the time to type the whole chapter. It is INSPIRING. Instead, I will just offer the book to anyone who would like to read it. Jen for the win, and Rhonda for the win, since I’m reading it and loving it.

I am grateful for Parker and Reilly’s school pictures.

I am grateful for a K-State win, even if it took three overtimes.

I am grateful for the relief felt after having expelled 96 ounces of water. That’s a good feeling, friends. At least it is when a clean bathroom is available. It wouldn’t be a good feeling if it were in a van, or a bed.

And finally, I am grateful for the funny grandchild story my daughter shared with me about accidents in the van. When you gotta go, you gotta go.


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