I would clean my plate if I were a bird that lived at Freddie’s. I’d also be fat.


I am grateful for a day at the office pretty much all by myself. It’s been quiet and I’ve been able to do my work without interruption. I could have gone out at lunchtime to get something to eat or to take a walk or to run errands, but I stayed here and worked and sneaked a peek now and then at Facebook. Wait. I just described every day here at work. I am grateful for my low-stress cushy job.

I am grateful for a surprise text message from Nanette this afternoon that made me smile wide.

I am grateful for new friends Charlie and Hong, one of the most interesting couples and two fascinating people I think we have ever met. And their story is a love story worth hearing.

I am grateful for the end of September excitement in this town, now that the Royals have won their division. What fun to see all the blue today!

I am grateful for crispy tart apples.

I am grateful for the longing to cook, if only I had the time at home to do so.

I am grateful for access to free ice.

I am grateful that Sam tells me every day that he loves me.

I am grateful that my world includes nice people.

And I am grateful for my oldest brother Steve. Monday is his birthday, and I do not remember ever celebrating his birthday with him. I do remember his oldest brother kindness to his littlest sister. I do remember wanting to sit on his lap in the car, because he was the nicest and made me feel very loved. I do remember the excitement in my heart upon seeing him on the front doorstep when he surprised Mom, Dad, and I on a Sunday night when I was in high school. I do remember being so proud of him as I was growing up. He was just so cool. Every time I heard these songs on the radio, I always thought of Steve. They must have been some sort of connection in our growing up…

Happy birthday, Steve. Wish you were here, or I were there. I love you!


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