There is no retirement from Christian service. – Bishop Viola Fisher

Sometimes I am an emotional wreck. Sometimes my wreck is justified; other times, not so much. Sometimes, outside influence causes my brain to crash into a mush of emotions and tears well up and just spill over. Sometimes, it’s the inside influence that blenders my emotions and water leaks from my eyes. And sometimes it is a good thing and sometimes it is not such a good thing.

Yesterday morning, it was a good thing.

I was already feeling the blender being plugged in before we ever left the house to go to church. Because, funny thing, the Holy Spirit works that way, pulling out the blender and setting it on the brain counter in preparation. I was anticipating a wonderful service by guest speaker, Bishop Viola Fisher, and I could sense that she would be a vessel used by God and a beautiful culmination to a busy weekend.

She was.

“I had come to see that the great tragedy in the church is not that rich Christians do not care about the poor but that rich Christians do not know the poor…I truly believe that when the rich meet the poor, riches will have no meaning. And when the rich meet the poor, we will see poverty come to an end.” – Shane Claiborne, in “The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical”

But even before she began to speak, I had tears. I had tears as we sat down in the chapel. I had tears at the first hymn. I love when I sense the power of the Holy Spirit’s presence.

So, I am grateful for the strong presence of the Holy Spirit that seems to fill a room even before words are spoken.

I am grateful for the opportunities to hear Kristin Chenoweth in concert on Friday night and to attend a dinner theater on Saturday night with friends.

I am grateful to have been reminded on Friday night at the concert of a young girl on the choir trip two years ago who sang to me on the ski lift in order to calm my fear. Jenna sang, “Taylor the Latte Boy” and took my mind off the swaying gondola chair – a memory I will always cherish.

Every time you forgive someone who hurt you, encourage someone who feels defeated, extend compassion to someone who stands alone, confront someone in love, open your heart to a friend, reconcile with an enemy, devote time to a child, you align yourself with God’s central purpose in this world. – John Ortberg

I am grateful to have been privileged to spend part of the day on Saturday working with my Dad and my husband, volunteering at The Healing House.

I am grateful to have met some very beautiful and broken people who are healing and living life on the other side now.

My neighbor is not the person who is like me, whose skin is the same color, whose bank account is roughly equal to mine. They need not be from the same culture or country. All that makes a person my neighbor, says Jesus (in the parable of the Good Samaritan), is their need of my mercy. – Michael Card

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve, because it is in these times that I am most blessed.

I am grateful for technology that allows me to save all these quotes that are “ah-HA” quotes, and then put them into my gratefuls to share with others.

I am grateful for co-workers who will participate in our food drive with us.

And I am grateful for blenderized emotions, the good ones anyway.


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