I’m pretty sure I need a Junior Class Chocolate Roll today.

It’s one of those afternoons when lots of drama is happening in lives around me.

I feel like curling up on a couch with my very own chocolate roll.

I am grateful for my Mom, who gave this nervous tic to me – the tic that says, “FEED ME. FEED ME ANY SORT OF CHOCOLATE OR POTATO CHIP YOU CAN FIND.”

I am grateful that the piano will be tuned tomorrow.

I am grateful that even the sky above is a Royals fan.

I am grateful that my Bingo friends don’t really mind the dumb prizes I bring to them.

I am grateful for $1 children’s books at Half Price Bookstore.

I am grateful for flowers in vases.

And I am grateful for facial tissue (aka Kleenex or Puffs) and the genius who invented the pop up box.


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