Two words: Cain’t WAIT! – Jarrod Dyson


I recently read that there is a difference between being thankful and gratitude.

Thankful is something you feel, but gratitude takes thankfulness to the level where the feeling must be expressed to the one responsible for what made you thankful.

If we deny God and refuse to acknowledge all He has done for us -gratitude has no expression, since all good gifts come from Him.

It is like receiving a ‘perfect’ and generous gift from an anonymous giver, that leaves us with that stuffed-up feeling of gratitude because it has no where to go!

I am grateful tonight for a very black night sky that makes headlights seem that much brighter.

I am grateful for an air mattress and extra sheets.

I am grateful for a fun night last night watching the Royals win, so that the season continues!

I am grateful that I am in a new season of life and can enjoy my daughter’s stories of raising children. It’s really easy to be on the outside and giggle at the adventures. That saying, “Not my monkeys, not my circus,” is normally true, but they ARE my monkeys, and they are SO FUNNY.

She called this morning to tell me how exasperated she was after two bandits threw Lucky Charms all over the house, eating the marshmallows of course, but leaving the cereal that crunches underfoot into tiny mounds of crumbs.

She shared that Daddy dressed him this morning, and when she went to pick the little soccer player up after school, he was wearing the exact outfit he had worn the day before.

When desperation sets in on a rush hour freeway, there’s nothing like improvising a portable toilet for the kindergartner in a Sonic cup.  Only one problem…the little soccer player had put a hole in the bottom of the cup with his straw. I’m sure my daughter was grateful for cleaning supplies when she returned home.

She shared that in one of the rings of this daily circus, the neighbors could have observed the two little bandits who love cereal marshmallows escaping out the front door to play in the freedom of the front yard when they discovered Mommy was busy. Escape artists in the making.


She lamented about the utter terror a parent feels when the kindergarten child comes home from school doing the latest dance and singing the lyrics to songs she had hoped would be foreign to her children.

She speaks in breathless exhaustion from stuffing 87 gazillion frozen items into the not-large-enough freezer to be delivered to all of the recipients of the school fundraiser tomorrow, or as she chases the little circus monkeys around at soccer practice, or as she tries to soothe the baby in her arms while marching the circus acts upstairs for nighttime.


So, again, I am grateful for this Ama season of life, so that I can just enjoy the circus. I am grateful that I get to attend the circus this weekend, and I am grateful for this quote from the great Fred Rogers, one of my “friends” when I was a little monkey.

“I hope you’re proud of yourself for the times you’ve said “yes,” when all it meant was extra work for you and was seemingly helpful only to someone else.”  

Royals, you’re gonna have to win without this Ama this weekend. She has tickets to the circus! As Jarrod said last night, CAIN’T WAIT!



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