Like a boss.


Today is Boss’ Day.

I am grateful for my boss. Both of them.  They always correct me when I introduce them to others as my boss, but they are. My bosses.

They are also my friends.

They are actually so many things:

  • Funnier than any boss I have ever had
  • Full of drama
  • Always ready for laughter
  • Completely inappropriate in so many ways
  • Generous beyond measure
  • Crazier than cray cray when it pertains to juju and vortices and dogs and wine and KU basketball and Chiefs football and wrapping presents
  • The best card givers I’ve ever known
  • Willing to take a chance on a former Christian school music teacher who was looking for a new start
  • Great listeners
  • Patio dwellers and plant masters
  • Eskimos in their own home
  • Gifted and professional in their ability to secure a search and see it to a successful close

Happy is the employee who can call the employer “friend.”

Thank you for taking a chance on me three years ago –

Happy Boss’s Day, Ken and Karen!

You. Are. The. Best.



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