Through hard work, perseverance and a faith in God, you can live your dreams. – Ben Carson

Waiting in the long line winding through Mardel, seeing every. little. thing. that would be perfect for Jayme, Tatum, Parker, Anissa, Reilly, Andrae, Annistan, Anjalie, Andersyn, and BettyJo. Nice marketing ploy, Mardel.

Good thing I wore boots with heels today so I could put my old cell phone up really high and try to get a picture of the candidate walking through the door. Got him. Magnifying glasses needed, but got him.

Success! And I got to shake his hand, and he was as handsome in person as on the cover of his book. And very genuine, for the 5 1/2 seconds of our relationship.

Dad declined a picture by the bus, but it was quite an experience, and we can both now say we met our first Presidential candidate, and we have both now had the pleasure of standing in a long line for 5 1/2…okay, 3 1/2 seconds of encounter with brilliance. It was hard work, but we persevered, and we still have faith in God. Living that dream…

And I came out’a the store with more than just a signed copy of Dr. Carson’s book. A few more Christmas presents for the tribe of grandchildren, thanks to that great marketing ploy.

So, I am grateful for another new experience.
I am grateful for my Dad who is kinda a fan of Ben Carson, and I can see why.
I am grateful that Dad wanted to go do this, because I wouldn’t have taken the time, otherwise.
I am grateful for Mardel, if only I could win the lottery.
And I am grateful for a new choice, a very nice choice, a choice who hasn’t raised his voice or resorted to name-calling, who is offering hope in his message. I could be on board for Ben…


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