Smiling at anyone is to awe at the face of God. – Ann Voskamp

I noticed something this morning. Well, I actually notice it a lot these days in this season of life. I’m sure others my age have noticed, too. I was walking in to the office, and the 20-30 somethings dressed in their business attire and business casual looked straight ahead and made no eye contact, or they looked straight down at their devices in their hands. There was no “Good morning.”

Only the silver streaked-creased forehead-crows feet-out-of-style-lived-lifers offer a smile or greeting.  Or the occasional rug rat accompanying their don’t-make-eye-contact parents to work and who haven’t learned the ways of this new age world.

At least, that’s the way it is in this corner of the woods.

I’ve had a more difficult time writing gratefuls lately. It’s not that I am not grateful. I’m busy and do not take the time. And I’m doubting myself. And I’m burdened with worry. And I sometimes wonder if it matters.

And then last Friday happens. And the essays and diatribes begin about closing our borders and the blame flies. And fear and sadness invade.

And I am reminded that it does matter. So, my grateful today is this writing by a friend I will never meet, a sister in spirit who thinks just like me:

When you want to live love large in a world with terrorists: a movement of giftivists

Today, make eye contact. Smile at the 20-30 somethings. Be the first to speak a kindness. Refuse to spread hatred and fear.



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