A mountain of laundry just means the beds were full.


This is a picture taken this morning AFTER four loads already done. I am fairly certain the stack was 4 1/2 feet high.

I am grateful for laundry and the washing machine and dryer to get it all done.

I am grateful for Jared and his little troop of helpers who brought all of the bedding downstairs before they left to go back to Oklahoma and Texas.

I am grateful for little memories of pine cone turkeys and puppet shows and fingerprints and laundry and primary color plastic cups for small hands and random cards and dice and dominoes found around the house from games in the cupboard and notes hung on our Thanksgiving tree to cherish…a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend.




I am grateful for bedtime stories and goodnight kisses and “Now I lay me down to sleeps” and three grands who played choo choo train through the house and “Ama! Ama! Ama!” constants and little boots and shoes at every door and hearing my girl sing her song again and a secret bubble gum stash and my daughter and her family spending time playing Bingo with my assisted living friends and slurped spaghetti and orange peels in a pile and Sharpie marker mistakes on the wall and the table and Topsy’s popcorn and more pie than we know what to do with and hearing Jared and Karissa “talk shop” and baby smiles and wet diapers and hearing two littles say “Papa” and a signature tablecloth adorned with lots of scribbles and late night game laughter around a table and a daughter who insists on pictures taken and dear friends who spent time talking on Saturday night in the quiet of the living room about the memorable high school years at Central Christian and life and another dear friend who ran the kitchen on Saturday and is like a sister to me and on and on and on.

I am grateful for 46 friends and family who braved the cold and the wet and the ice and gave up part of their Saturday to come have breakfast with us, new friends and long time friends, people who have given us so much joy and who are very much a part of our lives.



I am grateful to be so…



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