Holy Holstein, Batman.

I am grateful for the employees of Chick-Fil-A who have to put up with long lines inside and drive-thru, kids that are like ants crawling all over the place in and under tables and on top of and at the condiment counter and in and out of the play area, adults who don’t know a straight line from a mob blob, spills and chairs and bags and trays and order waiting and order ordering…oh my goodness. I learned a lesson yesterday. Never go to Chick-Fil-A at noon up. Those employees handle complete and total chaos with smiles and they deserve Christmas bonuses. Monetary bonuses, not pats on the back bonuses.

I am grateful for easy peel oranges.

I am grateful for time with Abbie and Lisa last night. I am grateful to hear the voice of an angel once again. And I am grateful for Lisa who knows how to clip dog nails like a boss.

Rhonda’s rules for living stress-free: no guns, no clippers.

I am grateful for funny Christmas movies.

I am grateful that Natia needed to potty at 4 am and she and I saw a surprise in the backyard – a mama deer and her two littles, enjoying Dad’s birdseed. 20 minutes of quiet and peaceful entertainment…and I am grateful that Natia wasn’t desperate and could wait until they moved on.

I am grateful for accidental sleeping longer than expected.

I am grateful for Carriage Crossing cinnamon rolls.


I am grateful for friends and family who still send Christmas cards with pictures. Or even just Christmas cards. However, I have never understood the purpose of sending a card with just a signature and no personal greetings or news, except that those people have one up on me…I have neglected to send cards since 2011, and even then it was just an email card, and I always say I am going to send New Year’s cards but then the new year arrives and the cards do not. This year, I will send New Year’s cards. There – throwing it out there to make myself accountable to my own writing.

And, I am grateful for memories of Christmas past.

  • Paper sacks with candy and an apple after the program at church
  • The baby food jar twinkly tree on the hope chest by the front door
  • The Rudolph Hi! and Bye! decoration at our front door
  • Shopping downstairs at The Better Book Room after the Johnson Christmas
  • Grandmommy’s pink popcorn balls and slobber kisses to avoid
  • Making kitchen towels with Delores
  • Watching the girls play Santa in Grandma and Grandpa’s basement
  • Mom’s peanut brittle
  • Miniatures and nativities and gag gifts and the signature tablecloth and the good silverware
  • Driving around to look at lights with the girls in the backseat
  • Avon gifts of cologne in cars and cute little pins that opened with perfume grease inside
  • Pulling out Mom’s box of recycled wrapping paper that had been used and re-used and folded and re-folded and then adding faded red ribbon and a stick-on bow that had been stuck on too many times and needed extra tape help to stay
  • Watching Santa’s Workshop and KAKEman
  • Decorating our tree with ornaments from my students and ornaments that the girls had made at school
  • Getting a BigWheel and a Chrissy doll and a parakeet and Pegues $25 coins and an Easy Bake Oven
  • Dishes of nuts with the silver nutcrackers to crack
  • Christmas caroling at “old folks homes”
  • My 21 years of music teacher Christmas programs: St. George programs packed with 500 students and parents in every crevice, Elyria and “The Candle Song” finale, CBA and “The Hallelujah Chorus” tradition and my favorite Christmas program there when we had the high school guys go out and cut down cedar trees from fields and decorated the gym with LOTS of trees and it smelled SO GOOD and one tree in the middle of the stage was trimmed in the shape of a cross…
  • Karissa and Katrina singing Grandma’s favorite, “Jesus, Name Above All Names”




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