Lost in space, a.k.a. Lenexa.


I am grateful for the sound of no tv, no music, no talking. Just the hum of the furnace and a random car going by every once in a while.

I am grateful for a quiet and stress-less few minutes after a very long day.

I am grateful that I have enough socks to wear two pair at once all day long, that I can take my boots off after a long day, and that I can add Delores socks and wear three pair the rest of the night.

I am grateful that Dad helps with our remodel projects, that Sam has great help, and that he doesn’t have to rely on me, but when I DO help, he is verbally appreciative. I am grateful that he is so wonderful about saying “thank you,” and “I’m so glad you are here working with me.”  I am grateful to have these two men in my life.

I am grateful for an hour today with my financial advisor. He is so kind and is gracious with my ignorant self, walking me through the hard things and helping me to make some smarter decisions about money, because I am not smart about money, and that is not a good thing at 50.

I am grateful for kittens.

I am grateful for this beautiful picture of my Texas littles.


I am grateful for good hair days.

I am grateful that I at least have sense enough to figure out how to get back to work after taking not one but three wrong exits and having no clue for a short while.

I am grateful little things remind me of  past friends and good times. More on this next time. Quietness has determined I’m done for the day.



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