Your pants say yoga but your tummy says potato chips.


I am grateful for warm water in a shower.

I am grateful for the beauty of geese flying in formation against a gray January sky.

I am grateful for detangled hair.

Which makes me grateful that my hair doesn’t look like Pinky’s.


Which also makes me grateful for people who think of others and choose to comb/brush/fix their hair in privacy rather than in public, especially in food establishments, because it is really not very polite to comb/brush/fix your hair that could shed a random strand or flake of not-so-pleasantness into the food area or counter or table or plate or glass of juice. I always appreciate seeing a lady take care of her hair in the privacy of a bathroom or a gentleman take care of his hair outside a restaurant, since I wouldn’t want to see a gentleman in a bathroom fixing his hair. I wouldn’t mind seeing him fix his hair, just not inside the men’s room, because I do not belong there.

I am grateful for roses that smell good.

I am grateful that I do not do yoga. I’m just not a “ju-ju” kind of person. I don’t know what “ju-ju” means. It just seemed to fit. But I DO love my new yoga pants that I will most likely never wear in public since I have a thing against yoga pants in public.

I am grateful for friends who call me with good news.

I am grateful for treated sidewalks when it is below freezing.

I am grateful my sister got me silly gifts for my birthday that were just what my heart needed.


The drinking bird was one such gift. (along with Pinky and the ju-ju pants)

I am not a “drinker.” Not in the sense that everyone associates with that word. I drink LOTS of water, almost a gallon, five days a week at my desk. I used to drink approximately the same amount in Dr. Pepper and iced tea, but that stopped when Sam and I promised each other, three years now since the beloved DP passed my lips.

Sometimes when I drink that much in water, I feel like my tummy looks like Bird’s. Actually, I feel like my tummy looks like that all the time.

So I am grateful that I bought a FitBit last spring and then didn’t give it as a gift to that certain person, because now it is in the “gift” drawer – the “gift” drawer that is just like Mom’s used to be, the one she kept with all the really “nice” things that were too nice to use and should be saved to be given to someone else – anyway, I am grateful that I bought that FitBit, because now I am gifting it to myself for my birthday, and maybe just maybe I will be able to get back on track to walking over 10,000 steps a day and my tummy won’t look so much like Bird’s. Although, that kind of looks like his bottom. Same difference.

Maybe I’ll wear those yoga pants in public one of these days. And…probably not.


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