Slug bug!


I am grateful for Bingo prizes, bright blue toy Volkswagon Beetle cars, that reminded me of the game that caused bruises on my upper arm growing up. Every time we saw a Volkswagon Bug, the first kid to yell out “SLUG BUG!!” got to punch the other kid in the arm. I must not have been very observant when I was young. Not much has changed…

I am grateful for arm pains that made me concerned about my heart today, which reminded me of my Mom and the struggle she dealt with on a daily basis.

I am grateful for the opportunity to spend this evening with my Bingo moms who filled a large hole in my heart three years ago when I missed my Mom. A few have joined my Mom but Ruth and Avis and Louene and Betty and Barb and Helen and Norma are still with me. I am grateful for these women who have taken up residence in this heart.

I am grateful for the American Heart Association.

And I am grateful that I don’t drive a slug bug and I am not the victim any longer of very observant passengers.



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