Happiness is = Grateful for.

Happiness is a band-aid that sticks.

Happiness is brand new money that still smells good.

Happiness is nephews and a niece who provide never-ending entertainment.

Happiness is shoes with lots of cush.

Happiness is being married to my very best friend.

Happiness is the smell of bacon.

Happiness is Mom’s poems.

Happiness is the relief felt after using the bathroom when you really really needed to go.

Happiness is opening a new bag of potato chips.

Happiness is crossing off items on the to-do list.

Happiness is coming up with goofy slogans and treats and then decorating lockers the night before game day at Elyria and CCHS and CBA.

Happiness is an airplane ride with Daddy.

Happiness is easy peel oranges.

Happiness is a boss who surprises everyone with afternoon Sonic drinks.

Happiness is finding a notepad in your purse and every page has been written on…by a granddaughter.

Happiness is Natia howls. At least for me. Apparently not for her.

Happiness is having Dad around all the time now.

Happiness is a clean car on a sunny day.

Happiness is Cindy and Keith fun.

Happiness is having friends over for dinner.

Happiness is going on a bike ride with Uncle Charlie.

Happiness is the comic section.

Happiness is warm hands.

Happiness is a shaved face to kiss.

Happiness is Angela at dinnertime.

Happiness is fat little nuthatches.

Happiness is watching Foley the amaryllis grow in the kitchen window.

Happiness is sunbathing on the roof.

Happiness is not having to taste nasty children’s Bayer orange aspirin in 45+ years.

Happiness is learning to swallow pills without having to chew them any longer and never having to taste liquid medicine again.


…if only.


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