Have sightreading. Will travel.

I am grateful for:

  • The beauty of wood grain
  • Un-popcorned ceilings
  • Really thin tortilla chips
  • Flannel
  • Sanitation employees who clean up disgusting in restrooms
  • One more day of work this week, or, a three-day weekend
  • Independence
  • The ability to sightread music and opportunities to play the piano for three choirs

Beauty in wood grain is a lot like the beauty of a leaf or the beauty of a naked tree or the beauty of a snowflake under a magnifying glass. Intricate and unique and meant to be noticed.

Un-popcorned ceilings are easy to accomplish and make a big difference in updating a space. Messy, yes. Difficult to do, no.

Really thin tortilla chips are extra crispy and that just means better.

Flannel is comfort and everyone needs comfort.

I know I have a tendency to OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder-iate) when it comes to public restrooms, but there is a beautiful lady who travels with a large cleaning cart all the day long and she deserves jewels in her crown today for cleaning up the worst in the men’s restroom. Bless her, Jesus.

Looking forward to a Geri weekend in Oklahoma. It has been too long since I could celebrate her birthday with her, and I am grateful for the anticipation!

I didn’t even have to ask permission to plan it, either. Planned it, reserved it, and saved for it. Independence is a good thing.

A decade and a half of piano lessons, a God-given gift, and years of experience earned me the joy of accepting opportunities to play for choirs at church. It used to be easier when I didn’t have to wear glasses and could hear better out of my right ear, but I will accept until no longer wanted or needed.



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