Wag your tail instead of your tongue and you will have friends.


Asphalt sparkles under a streetlight. I am grateful for that urban beauty.

I’m grateful for the yoo hoo birds that have arrived on our street and say hello in the early morning just before sunrise.

I am grateful for outdoor lighting on homes that make them even more beautiful.

I am grateful for multiple porch lights on, lighting the way.

I am grateful for sore shins, calves, hips, and my bottom, all of them telling me “it’s about time.”

I am grateful for the motivation wrapped in a black wrist band blinking my progress and spurring me to get my 10,000 in every 24 hours.

I am grateful for a companion who walks beside me in the darkness, and it is okay if we walk in silence, because we both know it is not a punishing silent treatment but a comforting, reassuring silence, quietly shouting that we are together and we enjoy each other’s presence without crowding the time with words.

I am grateful that when the deep emotional hurt bubbles to the surface, God provides a balm in the form of a hug, a hand held, and a letter from Geri.

I am grateful that when hurtful words are spoken and when healing words are just a wish in this heart, God wraps his arms tight and reminds me that HE will never leave me or walk away from me, HE loves me, HE will pursue me, and I matter to HIM.

I am grateful for the reminder that I can’t change opinions. I can only work on myself and keep taking steps forward, not backward. 10,001, 10,002, 10,003…sore shins, sore calves, sore hips, sore bottom, sore heart. All evidence that in pain, there can be gain.

And I am grateful for a little dog’s wagging tail.


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