My shoes squeak. I’m not so grateful for that.


But I AM grateful for shoes without holes, shoes that mostly fit, and more than one pair.

I am grateful for Ginger Ingram books for Bingo prizes. Thank you, Dwight, Dad, and Ginger.

I am grateful for a night of Wizard of Oz with my Abbie as Dorothy.

I am grateful for Helen’s plate of strawberries – I didn’t eat the strawberries, but her china plate sits on the dining room table now.

I am grateful for a letter my Aunt Patsy sent to my Dad.

I am grateful for laughter across the table.

I am grateful for moments of watching Sam read the book of John.

I am grateful for Sunday evening church.

I am grateful that my daughter calls me and tells me about her life.

I am grateful for crispy chicken tacos.

I am grateful for the gospel of John, but I’m not sure why. Yet. My brain doesn’t work like that. I like things spelled out in nice neat easy-to-understand stories. I’m a Matthew Mark Luke synoptics kinda girl.

I am grateful for our small group and for the way each personality contributes such unique wisdom and fun and insight and makes anticipation for the next get-together that much better.

I am grateful for a pastor who is sensitive and shows his vulnerability on stage.

I am grateful for a good review and more responsibility at work.

I am grateful for the sound of a woodpecker.

And I am grateful that Stan is still kicking. Thank you, God, for keeping him here for Geri and the rest of the world.


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