Albert/Abbie/Tara/Grace hugs cause happiness in my heart.


A friend and I were talking this weekend about something I have wondered for a long time. Why is it that the people in our lives who are gung-ho crazy about supplements and vitamins and Chinese herbs and green tea and only natural whole GMO-free food and kale eaters and oils infusers and takers…are the ones who always seem to be sick? They’re constantly looking for something else that is wrong – a bump, a cough, a redness, a rash, a digestive issue, a headache, a lack of sleep, a lack of energy, a lack of appetite, a lack of common sense…

I take vitamins and supplements every day, more than once a day. But I don’t think I’m loony, and I don’t think I am sick a lot. I am grateful for my vitamins and supplements. Besides, they make those rare doctor appointments very frustrating when the doctor says, “I really can’t find anything worth concern.”

I am grateful that I am not a loony bird, or at least in my mind I’m not a loony bird. I was going to elaborate, but I think I won’t.

I am grateful for Ruth, who “encouraged” me, and that is a MILD word there, to take pills/supplements, and I am grateful that Clare taught me to take multiple pills at once to get it all done quickly.

I am grateful for interesting business cards that showcase a person’s creativity.

I am grateful for Delores’ card she sent, describing all of the Christmas amaryllis shapes. I think Foley was the winner in the height category. Foley was so tall, he fell over and broke his back. So Dr. Dad casted him, but I was a little more drastic and amputated. Foley lived to see another day and is still enjoying his hospital room with a view out the kitchen window.

I am grateful that Max is now eating better than canned peaches and hotdogs, his steady diet for the past many years.


Canned peaches with a plate lid,
and a less-than-airtight package
of the cheapest hotdogs available…
in Max’s fridge before he moved.

I am grateful for Sunday night church and the music style that I have so missed.

I am grateful for hugs from CORis kids at choir rehearsal yesterday afternoon.

I am grateful for Sam’s pancakes on a Sunday morning.

I am grateful for pretty petite flowers in a beautiful pewter vase on my desk on Friday, a gift from my bosses for Employee Appreciation Day. The whole thing fits into the palm of my hand, and the flowers are real:



I am grateful for a card from Connie, my friend I have not heard from in many years.

I am grateful for the sizzle of a platter of fajitas that makes my mouth water, and I am grateful when it lands at our table and I get to build and eat.

I am grateful to see Fabien’s face during choir rehearsal – he has the biggest grin.

I am grateful that I am not a construction worker in the middle of a dry dirt field on a windy day.

I am grateful for the shape of a pretzel.

And I am grateful  for Big 12 tournament week.



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