HELP. I need an umbrella.


I look kinda like a drowned rat. The umbrella was nicely resting in the passenger seat when I went in to the doctor’s office. So, I am grateful for that umbrella, WHEN I AM SMART ENOUGH TO NOTICE THE RAIN CLOUDS.

I am grateful for a devotion this morning about help, and how often we need it, and Psalm 121, one of my favorite favorites.


I am grateful for those annoying back-up beeps. I am certain they are a wonderful warning system for those of us who are oblivious and need HELP.

I am grateful for the smell of rain.

I am grateful for very nice people who rescue naughty little dogs and HELP them in the middle of pouring water from the heavens.

I am grateful for internal alarm clocks that HELP me wake up.

I am grateful for Tuesday night Bingo, a HELP when I am feeling a little selfish.

And I am grateful for that devotion that was then followed by KLOVE playing this song that has been on my heart and in my head all day long.




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