Someone is praying for the blessings I take for granted…


Things for which I am grateful today:

  • A sharp-dressed man. He is just pleasant to the eye when he tucks and shines and fits and is trimmed and shaved and everything is in place. I saw one of these today, and it was refreshing.
  • 60 degree sunshine. It does a weary soul a lot of good.
  • Mom’s bookmark that greets me every morning. I look at her picture and can feel her hug.
  • Clean floormats. They go a long way in making a person want to keep the car clean.
  • An empty public restroom. It’s a lot better than a really busy one. And there is just nothing quite like doing business next to strangers. So when it’s empty, I’m grateful.
  • The beauty of a diamond. The sparkle is just pretty. Maybe it’s the cut. So I am grateful for the cut of a diamond.
  • Quiet God moments in the car. And while walking. And in the morning kitchen. And after Bingo. And after CASA visits. And after phone calls with a daughter or two.
  • A lost dog no longer, and a little boy who needed to tell me so. Natia the escape artist was at it again, and Angela is meeting lots of friendly neighbors who are looking out for Naughty.
  • Very few reasons to walk into a department store before a holiday. I cannot handle Kohls at Easter. I tried. I cannot. The pink frilly furry lacy sunshiny cuteness is too much, and I cannot. I just cannot. My account says I cannot.
  • Non-stick surfaces, unless I need to tape something. Non-stick pans are the best. Non-stick wrapping paper is not the best.
  • A Club Lulu Unwich


God didn’t bless me with success so I could eat caviar every day. – Kathy Lee Gifford



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