Do you have any idea how nice it is to read that?!


You have nothing

I looked at my inbox after lunch today, and off to the right, that’s what it said. “You have nothing else scheduled today.”

Hot diggity dog.

And my boss told me to go home early a few minutes ago. But, he didn’t know I had made a mistake with a very important overnight that I sent and needed to wait for the FedEx truck that arrives just before closing.

So, the office is quiet, and I have a few minutes to type my gratefuls while I watch for the FedEx driver to walk by.

I am very grateful for sunrise walking.

I am grateful for an extremely productive week at work and bosses who recognize the hard work and reward the faithful with lunch and early exit on Friday afternoon.

I am grateful for toothbrush and toothpaste at work and for clean teeth at 1 pm.

I am grateful for a beautiful not-quite-spring day that graces Kansas City.

I am grateful for a box of new pens and a new notebook since I have filled mine up with notes and notes and notes and notes.

I am grateful for a weekend with my brother and family.

I am grateful for George Niang and Buddy Hield.

I am grateful for tiny babies sleeping in carriers while their parents walk and carry and are absorbed in conversation.

I am grateful for a bag of carrots and celery to munch on.

I am grateful for my husband who tells me he loves me many times a day.

I am grateful for lots of little girl socks in many colors on their way to Oregon.

I am grateful for the urge to pee. Think about it. It would be pretty awful if we never had that urge. We would be like rabbits. Or birds. And life would not be so comfortable.

I am grateful for a boss or two who make me laugh when work is stressful.

I am grateful for wisdom from Max Lucado and Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne and Jen Hatmaker and Patsy Clairmont and Bob Goff and The Navigators and Adam Hamilton and so many others I love to read.

I am grateful that Jesus loves me, I know. Just as I am. I know He watches over me. No one cares for me like Jesus. I’d rather have Jesus than anything.

And I am grateful for this song to begin my weekend:




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