I use ellipses a lot…

I am grateful for my husband who sat in a parking lot for 2+ hours waiting on me. It was comforting to know he was just outside the whole time. And then he handed me a hamburger and an iced tea that he had gotten for me – dinner with Sam at 11:15 pm on a Monday night on I-35. My idea of a blissful marriage.

I am grateful for animators. Their art and skill fascinate me.


I am grateful for leftover Easter candy from my boss’s family Easter egg hunt. She buys the good stuff.

I am grateful to be wanted again.

I am grateful for sticky when sticky is good. Sticky notes, sticky tape, sticky glue, sticky Velcro, sticky envelopes and stamps.

I am grateful for Babe’s fried chicken, the best the world has to offer. If only there was one closer than Roanoke, Texas.

It has ALWAYS bugged me when people use exclamation points to the extreme. Like this!!!!!!! Or after every sentence! Because it makes me want to read in my head louder and more excitedly! And now I can’t calm my heart down!

But I was brought back down to earth and taken off my high horse this morning…

I learned that ellipses are only to be used “to signal to the reader that some piece of a quotation is removed.”

I haven’t been following the rule…

I use them frequently to add a silent sigh at the end, or a pause for effect…

I like those three dots. I do NOT, however, like it when they are doubled or tripled or quadrupled, like they are an army of ants marching to a picnic…………

I am grateful to have learned something new today.


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