Never waste an opportunity to laugh. – Mary (her quote for today)

I’m not very grateful for that feeling I get when I swallow something wrong and it is stuck in the middle of my back.

And I’m not very grateful for air puffs in the eye at the doctor’s office that make my eyes water and wish they didn’t have to open.

I’m not very grateful for loud yawners, bad breath breathers, knuckle poppers, and those who cannot say the words, “I’m sorry.”

And I’m not very grateful for a dog who screams – Angela, you know what I’m talkin’ about.

But I am grateful for the ability to swallow. And for swallows.


And I am grateful for my eyes that still mostly work. And also grateful for a really expensive eye picture machine that has taken the place of dilation.

I am grateful for people around me who are careful to cover their mouths when they cough or yawn or sneeze, for people who are aware of their breath and keep mints or gum close in order to be pleasant for everyone in their air space, for people who CARE IF THEIR KNUCKLES GROW ABNORMALLY LARGE and refrain from pulling and popping in the presence of others, and for people who have learned the value and the humility of saying the simple words, “I am sorry.”

And even though she screams like a banshee – what in the world is a banshee – I am grateful for that thumping tail and the “hurry up and get inside” or “please, please don’t leave me” howl of Natia, known as Naughty, Doggie, Dog, Tippy, and Goof Nut.


This is Goof Nut, not laughing.
She’s not laughing because this picture was taken by a stranger HVAC man who rescued her and she was in a stranger’s house waiting for my sister to come and take her home.

(I just looked up banshee. I shall not post a picture of a banshee. Not so pretty.)



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