Her mess will become her message.

Some weeks are rough. Some weeks are rougher – more rough. And some weeks are roughest.

There’s a saying that goes like this:

It will either make you or break you.

I’ve been pondering that saying this week. A crisis in a life provides a very unique opportunity for growth. It also provides the opportunity to throw in the towel and give up or in. That crisis can become such a powerful message of hope and perseverance, but it can also become a message of despair and failure. We have the choice to grow or to stall out.

My mess has been my message at different points in my life. I cringe at what I broadcast to the world in my teens. I slink at the way I handled my mess in my 20’s. Actually, I could stand a re-do on most parts of my life.


I’m grateful for 2nd chances. And for 70×7 grace.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to walk beside her in her mess and offer that grace and unconditional love that I have experienced over and over in my life.

I’m grateful she is safe tonight.

I am grateful that this rougher week is almost over.

And I am grateful that she is “mine.”














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