Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow…


I am grateful for leftover roast or barbecue or hot dog to hide Natia’s pills so that she will swallow them without me having to force them down her throat.

I am grateful for energy to do.

I am grateful for steady rain and daydreaming that I was home to sit on the couch and read during the rain.

I am grateful for remodeling progress.

I am grateful for my in-laws.

I am grateful for my brother and sister who take the time they do not have to spend with Dad.

I am grateful for an extra phone charger at work.

I am grateful for a concert last night and two girls who sang the song “You Belong to Me.” Such a sweet song…


I am grateful that my CASA girl has had so many concerts this year for me to attend. I am grateful that she is in choir and likes to sing. I am grateful that I was privileged to watch her perform once again last night.

I am grateful for clean floors and clean oven and clean counter tops, thanks to my Dad. It was a nice surprise last night after leaving the remodel on Sunday evening completely de-popcorn-ceilinged messy.

I am grateful for the opportunity to play for the service on Sunday. It felt good to be sitting at the piano bench again, playing the one song that has blessed me most this past month.

I am grateful for Sam and his dedication to his work. I am grateful that God is showering blessings, in His time.

I am grateful for new opportunities.  I could look at life right now and be fearful of change. I could look at life right now and worry about the future. But I am grateful that at this stage of my life, I am open and willing to set out on a new adventure. A lot of that willingness comes from the roller coaster five years ago – life is too short to hang on tightly to what is comfortable and easy. I learned that material things are not nearly as meaningful as experiences. Just when I thought all was lost and I could not continue, God scooped me up into His arms and carried me safely to a new place. As Mom always used to say:

This morning, I was on my way to work and a thought occurred to me. What would I do if I didn’t have Dad or Sam close by in case of a flat tire or a car that wouldn’t start? And before I got to work, God had reassured me that I would be just fine, that I’ve been learning in baby steps how to be independent, that He takes care of the sparrows, and He will take care of me, too.

So for His care and reassurance, I am very grateful.

For random thoughts today, I am grateful.

And for Bingo night, I am grateful.



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