Remember good quotes that make you laugh inside.

I am grateful for wisdom worth writing down.

Use the soap first. Then ask questions. – Sam

I am grateful for a guy whose name is Brick. He knows tile. I think that is funny, and he is, too.

I don’t like exciting food. It’s not my thing. – Rhonda

I am grateful for a massager to take care of a knot in my shoulder.

If you’re on thin ice, you might as well dance. – Mary

I am grateful for toast for lunch.

We like fungus. – Cosmo, referring to mushrooms

I am grateful for dark grout that makes cleaning floors much easier.

If good news doesn’t come your way, you’ll have to make it yourself. – Sam

I am grateful for an end to the day when the day is just a day.

And I am grateful for this, from Jennifer Dukes Lee.  4 and 5 were the best, I think, at least for me today:

The Courage of No

1 – Know who you are. It’s tempting to tie our worth to our yeses, our hustle, and our ability to get ‘er done. But [people] who have a clear sense of purpose and identity in Christ are able to say no without letting it prescribe something about their worth. Take time every day to affirm your truest identity — the one you have in Jesus.

2 – Know your priorities. The clearer your priorities, the easier your decisions. Filter every request through the prism of your core values and calling. If it doesn’t pass the priorities test, it might be a sign that you should decline.

3 – Be resolute. Sure, it’s polite to offer some explanation for your “no,” but don’t feel like you have to give a drawn-out justification, even if you know that your “no” will disappoint the asker. As Jesus said, “All you need to say is simply ‘yes’ or ‘no’.”  Matthew 5:37

4 – Keep perspective. Remember that a “yes” to one thing means “no” to another.

5 – Remind yourself that your “no” is someone else’s “yes.” Your “no” may open the door for another soul to learn, lead, and serve.








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