Happiness is = fluffy cushions all ready for purpose.



I am grateful for cushions. They have a funny title, but really, they are just fluffy love. Cushions are wonderful when they are new, all pretty clean and fluffed up perfect. Their purpose is to comfort. They can comfort feet, comfort bottoms, comfort sore backs.

When a cushion is loved and used for its purpose, it develops a certain shape, and that shape signifies that this cushion is loved and has purpose. It is no longer new love, perfect love. It has its own issues –  maybe a little threadbare, maybe some stuffing missing, flat in spots. It just means it’s real. It’s mine. It has served a purpose for someone in pain.

A cushion can also be a shoulder or a lap, or even the voice of a trusted loved one.


Today, I am grateful for cushions all pretty and new, fluffed up and with no knowledge of their future lumps and impressions, ready to serve their purpose; and cushions that have been with me and are still with me when I’ve been in pain.

I am grateful for cushions that are no longer – those cushions that have been re-purposed to someone else who needs what they can give, and cushions that are just no longer, but still sweet memories of relief and comfort…




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