You are what you repeatedly do. – Aristotle

I sat in church on Sunday morning and struggled to grasp the message. Some messages are like that – hard for me to focus and relate. But towards the end of the sermon, Wendy said something that struck gold. It wasn’t scriptural, but it kinda was. It wasn’t earth-shattering wisdom, but it kinda was.  It has made me reflect this week, however, and that isn’t a bad thing.

“Tell me what you did in the last 24 hours and I’ll tell you who you are.”

I want to be the person who thinks positively. I want to be the person who finds the good in everyone and everything. I want to appreciate what I have rather than complain about what I have not. I want to be the person who is grateful about every. last. thing. and I want to be the person who is vocal about it.

I am grateful for a ceiling fan over the bed so that I can turn up the AC at night and save a little money and electricity but still be cool enough to sleep uninterrupted by muggy summer air.

I am grateful for sunlight that peeks through the slats in the window blinds to whisper “Good morning, it’s a new day.”

I am grateful that Natia does not expect to sleep in the bed but is content to sleep on her own bed on the floor.

I am grateful for the feel, look, and smell of a clean bathroom counter and sink.

I am grateful for a silly picture of Delores in a fireman’s suit that now hangs on the fridge.

I am grateful for the much-needed new tennis shoes that make my feet feel so much better when we walk.

I am grateful for the fun surprise that Delores and Larry and Sue left for Woody when they visited. Woody has two new friends who are yet to be named.



I am grateful for the book I am reading right now and for the soul sister/author who is allowing me to internally say, “ME TOO!” on every page.


I am grateful that my brother Steve arrived safely and is resting at Angela’s home.

I am grateful that my sister has a heart bigger than Dallas and is loving my brother by doing and being.

I am grateful that Jared took some of my books when he came to visit in November and grateful that he texted me yesterday to tell me they are his reading material as he works harvest in Cordell, Oklahoma this week.

I am grateful that two of my most favorite people in this world, Erin and Jared, thought of me while they were working harvest in Cordell, Oklahoma and sent me a virtual hug picture.



I am grateful for little girl voices that are clear and precise and melt my heart when they speak.

I am grateful for my CASA girl’s attorney who goes above and beyond for our girl.

I am grateful for teenagers who have been taught to look people in the eye and hold conversation without having a phone in their hands.

I am grateful for a few minutes to read while going through the automated car wash.

I am grateful for memories Delores shared during dinner on the patio about doing projects at the kitchen table with Mom.


I am grateful for those in my life who care enough to ask.

I am grateful for vacuum cleaners.

I am grateful for the many colors of flowers and the satisfaction of pulling spent marigold flowers and replanting the long black seeds in order to make more marigold flowers.


I am grateful for paper towels.

And I am grateful that I am grateful, 24 hours at a time.


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