No matter where you are, right now, you are a single choice from a new beginning.

I am grateful for moments of calm.

I am grateful when my “world” doesn’t feel overloaded and busy.

I am grateful when drama does not follow.

I am grateful for 5:30 am walking, before the world wakes.

I am grateful for enough water to drink.

I am grateful for the simple fun of Green Acres and some days, I can imagine Sam and I as characters on that show. I’m certainly no Lisa, but Sam could be a great Oliver.

I am grateful for encouragement from my boss before the meeting and my sister’s elation after it was over.

I am grateful for healthy hydrangeas to admire on my walks and hope to have at least one hydrangea bush someday.

I am grateful for apples without bruises.

I am grateful for hopeful news for my CASA girl.

I am grateful for a quiet moment to enjoy sleeping Natia this morning.

I am grateful that my Dad was able to put together Sam’s Father’s Day present last night and grateful that Pete was willing to help.

I am grateful for a tiny neighbor girl who took Natia for a walk.

And I am so grateful today for the message of John 8:2-10.


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