I lost my pants.


I came home from Texas after spending the weekend with a house full of grandchildren, and somehow, I lost my pants. I have looked and looked and looked, and they are gone. I am grateful that I have more than one pair of pants.

There is almost nothing better than Fritos corn chips. I am grateful for Mr. Frito.

I am grateful for the end of day when I can take off my shoes, because my feet hurt always.

I am grateful for unexpected surprises, like when my Dad finishes my dreaded weeding job and ties up the surprise tomato plants and buys tomato cages and fills the bird bath and feeds Natia and waters the grass.

I am grateful for hairnets and food industry people who wear hairnets.

I am grateful for the simple pleasure of watching mindless TV shows that do not educate but simply entertain a tired mind. Currently: Big Brother and Braindead.

I am grateful for the pain of unpleasant and traumatic memories, because it makes the present bliss that much better.

I am grateful that I chose to go to the bank just before the rain arrived so that I could smell the fresh and hear the thunder.

I am grateful for memories of an ice cream freezer. Sitting just outside the back door, my job was to sit on towels on top of the ice cream freezer while Mom cranked away. Hmm. Thinking about it, I am grateful I was the youngest, because if I had been one of the olders, I would have had to take a turn at cranking. My job was to sit and keep the motor part from going anywhere, and every once in a while, take a small stick and unclog the drain on the side of the freezer to keep the salt water flowing.

I am grateful for the gift of seeing a Mama taking her toddler for a walk on the trail at noon, toddler on her shoulders and both of them looking like there was nothing better in the world than taking that walk and to look for creatures in the trees. It made me grateful for memories of my own girls on my shoulders…

I am grateful for people who still know the value of making eye contact. I am so disheartened these days at the younger adults who refuse to look people in the eye. Eye contact, people! You don’t have to engage in a huge and drawn out conversation – just smile and say, “Hello!” as you walk past.

I am grateful that I took a little extra time last night to help Barb down the hall to her scary dark room she did not recognize. Sweet Barb… In the last three years, she has slowly forgotten names, forgotten which Bingo game we are playing, forgotten that she just ate, forgotten that she lives at the assisted living facility, forgotten that her Daddy isn’t coming to pick her up after Bingo, forgotten that she lives in room 10, forgotten what she is supposed to do when she wakes up tomorrow morning. She knows when others are annoyed with her and she apologizes incessantly and says “thank you” with the biggest smiles. I am so grateful for Barb.

I am grateful for Louene, celebrating her 101st birthday this weekend, still as brilliant as ever with a little less hearing than last year.

And finally, today, I am so very grateful for our friends, Horst and Linda. We sat at their table on Sunday evening and were treated to a beautiful all-American meal and wonderful conversation, and in the middle of it all, they announced they were going to Hutchinson on Wednesday this week and asked if my Dad would like to co-pilot with Horst.




What a gift. I know that Dad had the time of his life today, and I am anxious to hear all about it tonight.  I am so grateful for dear friends who think of others and do such wonderful things just because. I am so grateful that my Dad loves to fly and had the opportunity to co-pilot today. I am so grateful that I am privileged to drive home in a few minutes to spend the evening with my Dad, eating mac & cheese and watching the Royals. Thank you, Horst and Linda, for giving Dad this gift today, and thank you for bringing him home safely.



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