coun·sel = advice, especially that given formally.

My pants are no longer missing. How do I know? I found them. It’s a good thing when you decide to actually clean a closet. I am grateful for the desire to do something productive.

I am grateful for my Dad. He helped clean the house on Saturday and took a few things off my list.

I am grateful for Rachel’s kindness and offers to help. Sam and I were finishing hauling branches from a tree that had split in the storm last week next door, and of course we decided to help out in the heat of the morning on Sunday, and it was such a pleasant surprise to see our niece walk outside and ask one question. “What can I do to help?” And then she did. I know very few 18-year-olds who just offer like that. Actually, I think I only know one, and he’s former 18-year-old, and he happens to be Rachel’s brother. John came over one afternoon a few years ago and just started helping Sam and I paint the house. He told us he just thought it would be nice to help us out. Their parents should be very proud.

I am grateful for a cold shower when covered in sweat. I am not really very grateful, actually not at all grateful, for this heat and humidity.

I am grateful for counseling and my counselor who counsels me so well.

I am grateful that my CASA girl is finally home and grateful that her parents have such huge hearts.

I am grateful for bike rides with Sam on the weekends and a back rest and the joy I see in his eyes when he hears the Harley.

I am grateful for late night Freddy’s custard on a park bench, breeze blowing, moon shining, and good relaxed conversation with my husband.

I am grateful for the privilege of watching our neighbors and their little girl at the pool. Our kitchen window is like a movie screen and the show is all about summer fun right now.

And I am grateful for cinnamon and sugar mixed together and sprinkled on buttered toast.



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